IV drip fighting spirit~ although, I’m in a daze, I’m in a good mood ^^ Thank you to everyone who wished me a happy birthday~♥ Because there’s a pre-recording for Dancing9’s first live broadcast* tonight so please pray that Red team wins~ fighting for the Blue team too!!

*There is no live broadcast for D9 till the last episode. What he means is an open recording with audience.
- 2014-07-28 Minwoo Facebook update
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opppppaaaaa!!! what is this??? please be well soon. T_T

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happy minbong day ^_~

생축 미누 오빠. 많이 사랑해용 ♥

생축 미누 오빠. 많이 사랑해용 ♥

thank you so much fellow SHCJ who participated and greeted pur church 100th year anniversary.

I love thia fandom so much ^^


when people leave nice comments on your work

i’m sorry. i’ve just been so busy T_T I swear i’ll update as soon as i can


Shinhwa - OT15  ~

reblogged this before but will never get tired of reblogging again <3 OT15 at its finest <3

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Social Media is a very powerful tool. We can get our message straight to the people. Here’s the thing. I want JUN effing Media to know that we know what they are doing and trying to do. i want them to know that we are not going to stay silent about this while they try to milk SHINHWA COMPANY dry.

IT IS SHINHWA’s Hard earned money that these people are trying to steal. Why should they claim something they didn’t even worked for? While our oppa’s are sweating blood and tears, exhausting their body to practice and sacrificing sleep to give us a great show and wonderful music, there people are sitting on their lazy ass waiting for their prey. Is this even logical? Can they really call themselves human? These people are so shameless.

Let’s work something out to get our message through. not just to JUN MEDIA but also to our beloved oppa’s who are now for sure, stressing over this. This isn’t a simple matter. i know that. i just want Shinhwa oppadeul to know that we are here for them.

I also want Jun Media to know that we are watching them and now they don’t belong in our christmas list.

twitter, facebook and blog sites, let’s keep spreading the word.

if you guys are interested, message me in kkt. my id is orangekath. thanks

“Minwoo oppa didn’t faint. it was a fan who fainted. false alarm. let’s celebrate that he is fine ^____^”

Minwoo oppa fainted on the plane. and it’s his birthday tomorrow T_T oppa, please take good care of your health, it always comes first.

“enlighten me please, is it JUN MEDIA or SM who’s messing with our oppa?”

why do you want to take someone else’s hard earned money?? are you sick in the head or something? tell me, did you in any way made an effort to earn that money?

i can’t believe people like you exists…

i just can’t with these people.

SHINCHANGS, what can we do to help our oppas? petition or something? this is going way too far and way too ridiculous. i am absolutely appalled

Anonymous said: Aishah ini unty kau bagi unty no. Hp kau...

what now?



Raise your hand if you are feeling jealous and you want to be in her place!

#im raising my hands and feet demmit! >.

orangekath unnie should I nag ichudkiller to edit the girls face? puhahahahaha

just don’t touch bensot and i’ll be fine